Recent Work

Branding, Website Design, Marketing, and Experiments

Poster image showing the exterior sign for Two Tides Brewing Co.

Two Tides Brewing Co.

In 2018 I got to help my friends open a brewery! I created the branding, graphics, glassware, swag, and helped with manual labor. I also got to sample some beer. This project was a Print Regional Design Awards Winner.

Role — Art Direction, Branding, Design, Illustration

A photograph of the standard Two Tides Brewing Co. glass.
The Two Tides Brewing Co. logo on the Two Tides Teal.
The Two Tides Brewing Co. coasters.
The Two Tides Brewing Co. logo on a swirl background.
A photograph of the flight manifest that you would use to select your flight choices.
A photograph of a Two Tides Brewing Co. hat.

Glasses Half Full

Since launch, I have had the pleasure to work on other side projects for the Two Tides crew. Below you can see some harmony glasses with nautical hieroglyphs. I also got to do some blobbin' for the glassware and can label design for their one year anniversary release!

Photos of glassware and can below by Liz Massey and Jason B. James.

Role — Art Direction, Design, Illustration

Process image from the 2012 Holiday Card project.
Process image from the 2012 Holiday Card project.
Process image from the 2012 Holiday Card project.
Process image from the 2012 Holiday Card project.

Duck Head

Lanier Clothes, a division of Oxford Industries, came to Gauge wanting to bring life back to brand that had been dormant for almost 5 years. When they bought the brand they inherited a good amount of social media followers and brand recognition from when the brand was popular in the 80s and 90s. But they needed a completely new eCommerce website and to start growing an email list. The overall project mission was to launch the new Duck Head brand on the Shopify Plus platform and to use strategic marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and engage old Duck Head customers across all digital channels.

Role — Research, UI Design, Video Editing, Prototyping, Marketing

A mockup of the Duck Head website on desktop and mobile sizes.

Southern Tide

While working at Gauge, I had the opportunity to design a new website for Southern Tide on the Shopify platform. Since its start 13 years ago, Southern Tide has rooted itself in southern charm, operating by the saying, “the South is a state of mind.” Today, the brand is carried in more than 850 specialty retailers, along with running a successful eCommerce store.

Role — Research, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping

A mockup of the Southern Tide website on desktop and mobile sizes. Website

For over 17 years, has translated the simple delights of childhood into authentic growth. They continue to compete at the national level in a highly competitive and specialized market niche, while holding true to their brand. They continue to build their brand by connecting with their audience in delectable and unique ways.

Role — Research, UX Design, UI Design, Protyping

A mockup of the website on desktop and mobile sizes.

Pattern Library / Design

During the design phase, I made a thorough design system document that lived in InVision. This was used to communicate ideas and direction to both the client and our development team. This is a partial sample of what was used.

Pattern library examples from
Pattern library examples from
Pattern library examples from Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with for over three years. During that stretch I collaborated with a copywriter to concept and design weekly marketing campaigns that span email, social, and website assets.

Role — Art Direction, Illustration, Marketing

Sound Activated Processing

One of my favorite hobbies (aside from eating pizza) is working with Processing. It's both approachable and deeply complex. Lately I have been experimenting with controlling elements in the scene by the sound detected in my environment. Using the big G from the Gauge logo, the first logical song to test a sound activated processing experiment is obviously Encore by Eminem (G G G G G G G Unit). I post other Processing experiments on my Instagram.

Role — Art Direction, 3D Modeling, Program Writing

Sound controlled processing documentation graphic.