Poster image showing sketches for the logos I have developed.
The Console.Logging Co. logo. The Cancer? I don't even know her. logo. The Secret Society of Ink Slingers logo.

Some of the logos are available to purchase on shirts and stickers.

A Console.Logging Co. sticker is available through Sticker Mule.
A Console.Logging Co. t-shirt is available through Cotton Bureau.

The Console.Logging Co. logo was an idea I had combining a browser tool web developers use and the stereotype that designers love dressing for the outdoors. Much like our plaid-wearing brothers from other mothers, web folks are loggers too.

The Cancer? I Don’t Even Know Her. logo was designed to be printed on a shirt and help raise money for people fighting the good fight. Two friends dealing with cancer within their own families helped me come to the realization that no matter what a person is going through, cancer or otherwise, they still have a personality that can shine through. While some people need warm sentiments, other folks just need a laugh. This logo is for them. It’s a pun on the classic “Poker? I don’t even know her” joke but also touches on the idea that cancer is still a mysterious beast.

I started a printmaking crew called the Secret Society of Ink Slingers with friends from graduate school. I would elaborate, but then it wouldn’t be secret, would it.

A Cancer? I don't even know her. t-shirt is available through Cotton Bureau.