Akkerman Family Holiday Cards

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The 2012 Akkerman Family Holiday Card.

2020 - The Risograph One

We had made it to December of 2020 without experimenting with Risograph printing. As designers, this seemed like an anomaly. Course correction procedures needed to be taken immediately. We decided on a two-color job and a theme that needed three so we could play with overprinting. Pixel stole the show, obviously.

The 2020 Akkerman Family Holiday Card.

2017 - Introducing Pixel

In the fall of 2017, we added a kitten to our family. Since Holly and I are both designers, we named the cat Pixel. Like a lot of cats, she doesn't like to wear clothes or be picked up. We decided it would be a great idea to incorporate both of those into this photoshoot. Holly was the only one to leave that set needing bandages. You can witness that for yourself in the outtakes. Visit the 2017 Holiday Card Website >

The 2017 Akkerman Family Holiday Card.

2016 - The Dinosaur One

If you know us, you know we love dinosaurs. We had dinosaur wedding cake toppers for crying out loud. It was only a matter of time before a dinosaur themed holiday card entered the mix. For production, we thought it would be fun to build the costumes out of cardboard. We had recently been gifted a vacuum cleaner that had a box sized for a 6'–5" tyrannosaurs rex. There was no turning back. Visit the 2016 Holiday Card Website >

The 2016 Akkerman Family Holiday Card.

2014 - The Elf One

In 2014 we went to a holiday party with a contest. It was a couples "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest. Holly had found some elf sweaters complete with pompoms and bells. We decided to create a card theme around "Having YoursELF a Merry Little Christmas." Zig zag wrapping paper mimicking the elf's stockings tied the photoshoot together. Visit the 2014 Holiday Card Website >

The 2014 Akkerman Family Holiday Card.

2012 - The Reindeer One

After the positive response to our 2011 holiday card, my wife and I knew we had to take the 2012 edition to the next level. We really enjoy surprising our friends and family come December with the new concept. For the 2012 version, we decided to take advantage of my wife's outstanding sewing ability to create the reindeer costume. Visit the 2012 Holiday Card Website >

Even though it was early December, the temperature still reached 71° the day of the photo shoot. The costume was not breathable.

An outtake from the 2012 Holiday Card photo shoot where I get my Andre Agassi on.
Process image from the 2012 Holiday Card project.
Process image from the 2012 Holiday Card project.
Process image from the 2012 Holiday Card project.

2011 - The Present One

This was the first year of our family card tradition. We wanted the message to be positive so we went with a theme of "Live Everyday in the Present." We needed to round out the outfits so Holly found some lovely turtlenecks at the store. This was the year I learned I wear a women's XXXL. It was also the start of my fascination with cardboard costumes. Visit the 2011 Holiday Card Website >

The 20161 Akkerman Family Holiday Card.