Gauge Editorial Illustrations

Editorial Illustrations and Animations

Poster image showing a mix of many editorial illustrations.


The illustrations were used across a variety of channels to help unify the marketing and promote the articles they supported.

A compilation of instances where the editorial illustrations appear.

Some of the illustrations were most impactful as static images.

Others helped convey the message better in motion.

Editorial illustrations are a fun way to flex creative muscles while meeting necessary business goals. While maintaining a loose brand illustration aesthetic, the challenge of finding a way to succinctly and cleverly summarize and support an article on a short time frame is rewarding.

At Gauge, we had weekly articles that needed a visual companion. The concept dictated the mode of output – static or animated. Between the editing phase and the publishing deadline, I typically had 1 – 4 hours to concept and execute an idea. These images were used across our social channels as well as emails and our blog.


Illustrations and Motion Graphics




Project Manager, Writer, Editor, Me


Creative Direction, Illustrator, Animator


Sketches -> Illustrator / After Effects


1 – 4 Hours


Gauge Articles