Absolute Horseradish

Website, Zine

The Absolute Horseradish website as viewed on a laptop and an iPad.
A pile of Absolute Horseradish stickers.

Absolute Horseradish has absolutely nothing to do with horseradish.

Poster image showing a detail from issue 1 of Absolute Horseradish.

My wife and I are both professional designers. She specializes in print design while my expertise is digital. We decided that the most logical way for us to combine our skill sets other than dinner parties and cleaning our shared spaces was to make a zine. I created the first iteration of Absolute Horseradish in undergrad with my good friend Rowan during the days when free Angelfire websites were rampant. It was designed in Microsoft Word, using fonts that looked like variations on fast food restaurant logos. While Holly and I did want to polish up the details from that maiden voyage, we wanted the same carefree spirit to remain. The output from that creative experiment is the zine you see before you. Fun. Weird. Unpredictable. Most importantly, we made it together (we didn’t even fight over any of the details).


Website and Zine


Futura Std. Extra Bold, Avenir Next Condensed, Courier Regular, Bemio Italic, House Industries - Movements, Sign, Hand Lettering


Drawing -> Xerox -> Saddle Stitch Binding

Fun Facts

First Edition, 12 Pages, Hand Signed and Editioned


Website - Responsive, Zine - Half-Letter Folded


For Print Only




Zines from Etsy

The series of prototypes created before printing the final version of Absolute Horseradish Issue 1.