Fool's Quest

Motion Graphics, Music Video

Poster image showing a highlight from the Fool's Quest music video.

A Personal Touch

I tried to incorporate as many personal items for Rowan as I could. For example, the ping-pong score is his wedding anniversary. The intersecting balls signify the wedding rings.

This music video is for the track Fool's Quest from the album Break Failure by Rowan Converse. I had never worked on a motion graphics project of this duration so it was fun to plan out the sequencing and ways to keep the video engaging. The most challenging part for me was visualizing a song without any lyrics. Since music is a very personal art form, I decided to use this video to help tell the story of Rowan. Throughout the scenes you can discover what kind of dog Rowan has, what kind of car he drives, and what his favorite bass guitar is, amongst other fun details. I will let you try to figure out the rest.


Motion Graphics


Rowan Converse


Noric Black


Sketches -> Illustrator -> After Effects

Musician / Beat Maker Extraordinaire

Rowan Converse


Break Failure

Record Label

Nocturne Records


Design Work Life, NOTCOT

An screen capture of the After Effects project keyframes used to create the animation.