SCAD UX Theory Course


Poster image the solar system illustration. It conveyed a user's mental models.
A german shepherd anecdotal illustration.
An e-mail signature anecdotal illustration.
A suspicious man anecdotal illustration.

I worked with a course developer and an instructional designer to develop these illustrations for a SCAD Graphic Design course on User Experience Theory. Once the content was written, we discussed what illustrations would be necessary to help supplement the written content. All the illustrations helped to conceptually demonstrate topics relating to user experience theory. The blue color palette was established by the course banner system. The Thanksgiving illustration represented perception and sensation. The solar system illustration represented mental models. The cloud illustration conveys that the whole is greater than the parts. The three circular illustrations pair with anecdotal case studies.




SCAD eLearning


Futura Std Bold, Bell Gothic Bold


Digital Illustrations using Photoshop and Illustrator


Initial Required Loading Size was 500px Wide

Sketches for the user experience illustrations.